Posted by: spinatale | November 13, 2012

I Need My Own Country by Rick Walton

Who wouldn’t enjoy their own country?  Rick Walton’s book, I Need My Own Country, will make you smile throughout the book.  A small child decides it is time to create a world of her own.  The first thing she must create is a place for her country; her room.  She creates a flag and citizens such as her fish, dog and cat.  Rules are extremely important because you wouldn’t want your little brother in your country.  A national anthem, national money and a national bird is necessary along with a National Potato Forest, a jar of National History and a National Gallery of Art.  She must be ready to greet foreign leaders such as her parents but this entitles her to visit their land and enjoy their food.  However, you must always be on the lookout for small invasions like a younger sibling.  If they should arrive with a peace offering such as cake they are always welcomed. Your country will experience natural disasters and civil arrest; pets will fight.  You will find that things do get back to normal and you may even change some rules after all it is your country.

 A fun book and the illustrations by Wes Hargis are so well depicted that you can hardly wait to turn the page. I think the book flap says it best ” the perfect book for all young future presidents who are ready to rule a roost of their own.”

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